A six-pack of early Wednesday Dolphins notes: • Adam Gase’s tolerance for offensive ineptitude is wearing thin. There was this threat from Gase on Wednesday: “The excuses are running out. Either get the job done or we’ll find somebody that does.” Gase explained it this way: “We need to be more on the same page, and eliminate the mistakes of eight guys are doing it right, three guys are doing it wrong. Right now, too many guys are having an issue here or there. That's the main thing we want to get cleaned up this week. “We are getting a lot of the same [defensive] looks. We better start executing or we're going to start seeing them. Until you show everybody you can [have success against those looks], you're going to start seeing the same stuff.” Because Jay Cutler joined the Dolphins in August, is chemistry an issue? “The chemistry part when you start late like we did, I can see it taking some time but we've had enough time,” Gase said. “We have to be better executing what you're doing. We need more guys doing their job than what we've had.” • The tight end play hasn’t been very good. Asked how Julius Thomas and Anthony Fasano are blocking, Gase said: “We've been OK, but we haven't been good enough. I know we can get better with what we're doing. We felt Anthony gave us an advantage in that area. He surprised me with how good a receiver he is. Julius is a better blocker than he ever was with me before. The effort is there but we have to be better.”