The Dolphins are going to make significant offensive changes this offseason – and might need to make defensive changes if this four-week regression continues - and that means evaluating all possible avenues to increase the team’s $17 million in current 2018 cap space. And that means decisions loom on most of the team’s best and highest paid players. Where these players stand heading into the final seven weeks: • Ndamukong Suh. Barring something unforeseen, the Dolphins want him back next season but likely will explore lowering his $26.1 million cap hit. The Dolphins could save $12 million in 2018 space by converting that amount into a signing bonus, which would lower his hit to $14 million but come with future cap consequences. A smaller restructuring is also a possibility. Jarvis Landry. From my understanding, I believe no decision has been made on his future, with the team valuing his skills but also aware that a possession receiver who’s averaging 7.7 yards per catch probably can be procured on the second day of the draft for a fraction of the $16 million Landry would cost next season with a franchise tag. That’s why the team never made a contract offer to him beyond 2017. Landry is expected to seek something in the range of five years and more than $65 million. How the season ends – both for Miami and Landry – will determine a decision that at this point could go either way, according to a source.