One day after the NFL’s busiest trade deadline ever, Miami general manager Chris Grier stood triumphant at the podium, if not a bit weary, when the side door of the press conference room opened and head coach Mike McDaniel slithered inside. “Oh, this is where I find ole dealer Chris!” he interrupted. “Thought you’d be in Vegas dealing.”

Ole Dealer Chris might not stick as a nickname, but maybe it should, after Grier contributed two of Tuesday’s record 10 trades. Since he took the job in Miami in 2016, he’s been active in that wheeling and dealing that McDaniel praises him for, trading seven first-round draft picks.

With the trade for Chubb, Grier has now turned the No. 3 pick of the 2021 NFL draft into three impact players: Jaylen Waddle, Tyreek Hill and Bradley Chubb.

Wide receivers Waddle and Hill have already proven their value in changing the direction of the team, and now Chubb will arrive at a crucial point in the 5-3 Dolphins’ season. Remember when the Rams traded for Von Miller at the trade deadline last season? Look where they ended up.

“Let’s knock it up for Chris!” McDaniel said, rapping his knuckles on the podium when it was his turn to speak.

McDaniel is a super fan of the edge position. He gushed that he’s admired Chubb ever since he practiced against him when he was coaching for the 49ers in 2019, and he joked that from now on during individual drills, you can find him watching the edge guys.

But this trade isn’t only about how much Miami needs Chubb’s pass-rushing skills, a concern potentially alleviated following the five-year contract extension he signed with the Dolphins on Thursday. Miami is now without a first-round pick in 2023, with one going to the Broncos for Chubb and the other to commissioner Roger Goodell, stripped from the team as part of the consequences for getting caught tampering. Without a first rounder, Miami has now taken itself out of the running for a quarterback in the 2023 draft.

By trading away that first rounder and adding a pass rusher to reload at midseason, the Dolphins also have effectively ended the questions about Tua Tagovailoa. McDaniel has been committed to Tagovailoa ever since he took the head coaching job, but given Tagovailoa’s tumultuous first two seasons in Miami — he was benched for a bad performance, then the organization wanted to trade for Deshaun Watson — his status hasn’t ever been this clear.