It’s not often that you can look at something and have a thought such as “yeah, that’s a perfect metaphor for what my favorite hockey team is playing like.” Well, today it happened for the Philadelphia Flyers.

The team hosted some police dogs for a photo op to “salute them”—and to no doubt tell them how cute they are—when one took its opportunity to do what we all wish we could do: Take a big, fat, stinky dump on the giant Flyers logo at center ice of The Farg.

Just letting a big one loose right in the perfect spot, directly on top of the logo that no doubt those hockey purists out there would be flipping their shit (pun intended) about. Hopefully Sean Couturier doesn’t have to trot out a pooper-scooper before puck drop and deal with the nose-clenching smell as he bends over for the initial faceoff tonight against the Colorado Avalanche.