There are six first-time All-Stars headed to the big game in Orlando on Feb. 26, including the Sixers' Andre Iguodala. The consensus around the league is that the recognition for Iguodala is long overdue and that he is finally being recognized for what he is – a great defender and athlete – as opposed to what he is not. "Wherever you go, you are an NBA All-Star and they can never take that away from you," Sixers coach Doug Collins said about Iguodala. "I feel good that the coaches reached out and rewarded a player on our team for the success we have had early." Meanwhile, winning seemed to be the most important prerequisite for a berth on this year's All-Star team. Of the 14 reserves selected, only three come from teams with a losing record (Deron Williams of the Nets; Kevin Love from Minnesota; and Marc Gasol from Memphis) and eight are on teams in first or second place.