With the NCAA rules on name, image and likeness being changed and put into effect on Thursday, tons of college athletes are now pouncing on their rightful opportunity to make some money. Many athletes have signed deals with a variety of outlets and companies to cash some checks amid the new NIL rules. It has some remembering what Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said back in 2019.

Dabo Swinney has had an incredibly successful run at Clemson bringing home two National Championships during his time with the Tigers so far. He has also not been shy about voicing his thoughts on a variety of topics. This includes the idea of college athletes being paid. Back in 2019, Swinney made some pretty damning comments on multiple occasions that are now resurfacing everywhere on Twitter given the new NIL rules in the NCAA.

“Who knows? They may do away with college football in three years. There may be no college football. They may want to professionalize college athletics. Well, then, maybe I’ll go to the pros. If I’m going to coach pro football, I might as well do that.” – Dabo Swinney in 2019 via ESPN.