With Brad Marchand coming off of the 2013 regular season where he lead the Boston Bruins in goals scored and overall points there arguably can be very few criticisms made about his play going in to this season. On top of that Marchand made some key plays during the playoffs such as scoring the overtime game winner in game 1 against the New York Rangers and then making the key assist on the game winning goal in the game 3 overtime thriller against the Pittsburgh Penguins prompting some to continue to laud his game. There is no doubt that Marchand is playing very good hockey. He’s complimented Patrice Bergeron with a very solid two way game on the 2nd line for the past few years accruing a very lofty +/- rating but there are some things missing from his offensive game. Some of these missing intangibles make him very good rather than great. I found myself checking the Bruins team statistics near the end of last season and being quite surprised that Marchand was the leader in points. While he did lead the team offensively he accrued a majority of these points in a reticent way. His 2013 post season numbers are more indicative of the current state of his offensive game. The best way to assess Marchand’s current game is to look at the various phases he’s gone through as a player in Boston to see how his game has reached it’s current state.