When Megan Aronson asked her Twitter followers to wish her son, Kanon, who was dealing with bullying at multiple schools, a happy 11th birthday, she was only expecting a few of her followers to respond.

But hours after tweeting, Aronson noticed the tweet had gone viral. Kanon was the No. 1 trending topic on the website. It was even ahead of President Joe Biden, who was scheduled to give a speech later that night.

“I was just sitting at home and Kanon sent me this journal entry from school, that he had to write this life book report thing, talking about how his life was,” Aronson said. “He just said his life had been really hard because he’d been bullied a lot and he had to move so many times, and hearing it in his own words like that was just heartbreaking for me to hear him say that his life had been tough so far. It just kind of broke my heart open.”

Kanon and his family had to move twice over the last year. His family moved from Arizona to Tennessee in June 2019. As the new kid in school, Kanon was bullied “pretty bad.”