So maybe Adrian Gonzalez and the Dodgers are just now hitting their comfort zone in this NL Championship Series? One loss from extinction? If their season is any indication the hole the Cardinals have them in is nothing that can't be solved by shifting into 42-8 mode. Granted that doesn't just happen with the flip of a switch or a Tommy Lasorda inspirational speech. A stretch like that is built one pitch at a time … sort of like what Zack Greinke did beginning at the end of the third inning in the Dodgers 6-4 survivalist movement Wednesday afternoon. The win pushes this series to St. Louis for Game 6 on Friday and passes the baton to presumptive Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw and you'd better believe the Dodgers like their chances there. What appeared under a hot sun and hotter spotlight on a gorgeous afternoon for baseball was a Dodgers team that seemed to regain some of its swagger – or at least its amusement park tickets -- after Greinke crossed a couple of tightropes early. The signature moment of this one came when Gonzalez smashed a tie-breaking home run – his first of two -- with two out in the third against Joe Kelly the young right-hander who threw mysteries at the Dodgers in Game 1. The sellout crowd of 53183 roared Gonzalez rounded the bases and then the darndest thing happened. As he returned to the dugout he put his thumbs up to his head and made Mickey Mouse ears at his teammates. Call it inspirational call it having a blast call it bush league. No doubt those opinions will be heavily divided between the Los Angeles and St. Louis precincts of this NLCS. What isn't debatable though is that this series just got a whole lot more interesting. This was the way Gonzalez once carried his teams in San Diego back before there was much of a spotlight and when most people weren't paying attention. This was the way they expected Gonzalez to carry his team in Boston back before the blockbuster trade to Los Angeles helped fix both the Dodgers and Red Sox. Now on an afternoon with zero margin for error Gonzalez and Greinke double-teamed the Cardinals. But it wasn't as if St. Louis didn't have its chance to close this thing out.