I'll be frank: I'm pretty weary of opinions on Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig, pro or con. Puig the ballplayer is much to my liking. He's exciting, if plainly raw at times, and very, very good. But everything that falls under the rubric of "the essence of Puig" is getting pretty tiresome. No doubt, he has some maturing to do, but the reactions to what strikes me as fairly pedestrian behavior by the standards of 23-year-old male athletes are a bit too "please, lead me at once to the fainting couch" at times. That is, the media blowback outstrips the actual misdeeds, and said misdeeds probably wouldn't even register in some other professional sports leagues. The above tweet refers to a recent team meeting that was widely cast as a "clear the air" type of hootenanny. According to Colletti, though, the meeting was of Puig's own devising and it was in the service of bettering himself as a ballplayer. Now repeat after me: This is a very self-aware and mature act on the part of Puig.