When the Dodgers recently pulled off a big-contract swap with the Braves that improved the team’s luxury tax accounting, they ended up with former star outfielder Matt Kemp. It remains difficult to see Kemp ending up on the Dodgers’ Opening Day roster, but the team is also finding little interest in the veteran from other organizations, according to Jon Heyman of Fan Rag. Indeed, per Heyman, “the trade market for Kemp is believed to be virtually nonexistent at the moment.” That’s hardly surprising, of course. Atlanta no doubt would have moved Kemp previously if there had been an opportunity. He’s worth nothing close to what’s left on his contract, which has been traded three times already. Still, we heard recently about the possibility of the Dodgers including prospects as an inducement to another organization to take over a portion of the Kemp deal. Just how much cash might move off the L.A. books would surely depend upon the quality of the prospect(s) up for the bidding, with any such deal potentially representing an interesting look at the market valuation of some young talent.