No closer can be expected to get six outs, but Jonathan Broxton blew the save and the game just the same, 5-4 Marlins in Miami this evening. Yes, Jamey Carroll's two-out error on what would have been the game-ending grounder allowed the tying run to score, and yes, Jerry Sands misjudged a fly ball that should've sent the game into extras, but Jonathan Broxton blew the game just the same. While I'm neither a doctor nor do I play one on the Internet, something is wrong with Broxton. It just is. He's lost his velocity, he's lost his command, he's lost his swing-and-miss stuff, he's lost his good breaking pitch, and he's lost his confidence. Between the ears issues, as Joe Torre intimated last September, sure, but it's more than just that. Broxton needs an MRI on his arm at a minimum, and better yet, a complete physical. It doesn't matter a lick that big John says he's fine. Twenty-seven year old pitchers don't lose five, six or seven miles per hour on a fastball after 390 big league innings without at least a little something going on physically. It could be a simple inflammation someplace, there could be a minor injury to his arm, a leg, or who-knows-where, or he could simply be tired. Or perhaps it's something more serious. An examination is in order already. Look, the Dodgers are notorious for letting their charges go unsupervised during the offseason, and especially when it comes to their overweight players. The Giants took the opposite approach with tubby Pablo Sandoval over the winter, and it's worked out well for all concerned.