Only Julio Urias and his girlfriend really know what happened Monday night in a Beverly Center parking lot.

And maybe a surveillance video.

There is no conviction, no admission of guilt, only an accusation that was denied by Urias and his alleged victim.

Until the case is resolved, the security footage will serve as the final word.

More than any testimony, more than any punishment, how Urias is perceived will be determined by the images on the recording in question.

Such videos have a tendency of coming into public view these days. Perhaps that will be the case here.

At the moment, all that is certain is this: Urias was arrested Monday night on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was released on $20,000 bond. He was removed from the Dodgers’ active roster and placed on administrative leave, during which Major League Baseball will investigate his case in accordance with its domestic violence policy.

The situation is crushing, regardless of what Urias did or didn’t do.

If witnesses accurately portrayed what happened to police, Urias shoved a young woman to the ground. Under this scenario, Urias isn’t one of baseball’s most likeable players and his pleasant and unaffected demeanor will have been exposed as a mask concealing something sickening inside of him.

On the other hand, if Urias and his girlfriend were truthful, if the incident was nothing more than a verbal altercation, that doesn’t speak well of their fellow patrons at the Beverly Center, who have inadvertently branded the 22-year-old with a scarlet letter that will stay on him for the foreseeable future.