According to the Associated Press, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks will not have access to baseball's new expanded replay system when they open their season with a two-game series in Australia later this month. The technology MLB is using simply will not be in place for the games. "The game has been played the same way for decades, so a few more games probably won't make a difference. At least I hope they won't," said D-Backs left fielder Mark Trumbo. "In a perfect world, we would probably have it, but we won't and we will have to deal with it. It's just more new technology and you have to adjust." The new replay system gives each manager one guaranteed challenge per game to use at any time. If the challenge is successful, the manager keeps it and can use it again later in the game. Each manager is limited to a maximum of two challenges per game. The crew chief can also elect to review plays at any time.