If the Giants trade for Giancarlo Stanton, their fans would know he left his heart in Los Angeles. Not that it would matter. The Giants are in desperate need of a power hitter, and their fans would welcome him under virtually any circumstances, even if it meant his first choice was wearing Dodger blue. With the Dec. 11-14 winter meetings approaching, trade talks involving Stanton could come to a head in the coming days as the scaling-down Marlins are eager to shed most, if not all, of the remaining $295 million on his contract. He’d need to approve any deal because of his full no-trade clause. By all accounts, the Giants and Cardinals remain the most aggressive pursuers, but Stanton is believed to be holding out for the Dodgers to make a push. Stanton grew up 15 miles from Dodger Stadium, and he’d likely prefer to play in his hometown for the National League champs. The Dodgers have been somewhat hesitant on Stanton because of their desire not to exceed the $197 million luxury tax threshold or add another nine-figure contract to the books beyond Clayton Kershaw’s (and Adrian Gonzalez’s, which expires in a year). Meantime, the rival Giants are hoping Stanton determines San Francisco would suit him as a runner-up choice. Team officials Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean met with the Stanton camp Thursday in Southern California to make their pitch, and Cardinals executives did the same Friday. It was believed the Marlins wouldn’t have given either team clearance to speak with Stanton or his agency (Joel Wolfe and Wasserman Media Group) if deals, or at least frameworks for deals, weren’t in place.