The Los Angeles Dodgers offered what was essentially a lifetime contract to pitcher Clayton Kershaw earlier this season for a deal in the range of $300 million -- "an A-Rod deal" according to one source with knowledge of the scope and structure. Alex Rodriguez could make $305 million if he achieves all of the incentives in his deal with the Yankees. The two sides were unable to finish negotiations on that arrangement sources say because Kershaw was initially uncertain about committing to a deal so encompassing and about having contract talks during the season. But the negotiations progressed enough that there is confidence among some with knowledge of the talks that a long-term deal -- perhaps more conservative in length than the massive contract proposed by the Dodgers -- will be concluded this winter with a significant portion of money being devoted to a charity of Kershaw's choosing. It's expected that Kershaw's forthcoming deal will become the largest ever for a pitcher. Earlier this year Felix Hernandez agreed to a seven-year $175 million contract with the Mariners and Justin Verlander agreed to an extension that results in the Detroit Tigers paying him $180 million for the 2013-19 seasons. CC Sabathia signed a seven-year $161 million deal after the 2008 season.