Variety reported Wednesday a new documentary about former football running back Reggie Bush and his involvement in the USC scandal is in the making.

In the exclusive, Variety says Bush "is ready to tell his side of the story" and that the film "will look at Bush’s role in leading USC to multiple national championships, as well as the scandal that overshadowed that legacy."

Bush was a key piece to USC's success in the early 2000s and won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 before being drafted No. 2 overall by the New Orleans Saints in 2006. Not long after, allegations surfaced that Bush's family received upwards of $300,000 worth of extra incentives while he played at Southern California, including a house in San Diego. Bush, who denied the allegations at first, had to give back the Heisman and forfeit his college record. 

USC was heavily sanctioned and forced to vacate all games Bush played in, including the 2005 Orange Bowl victory that won them a national title.