A coach's first instinct is always to look for the win. However, keeping the long view of the season is a good idea with a team so reliant upon a few older veterans. "Listen we’re not going to be a 1 seed, we know that, so we just want to be a seed," Rivers said before Friday's game in Phoenix, acknowledging that a road-heavy schedule (18 of Boston's 30 games after the All-Star break are on the road) makes climbing the Eastern Conference playoff ladder all the more difficult. Doc was quick to point out that the Celtics aren't that far out of the 5th seed. So you'd imagine that he'd want to win more games than not. It just can't be at the expense of his veterans. Speaking of those veterans, Kevin Garnett was uncharacteristically fine with taking a game off. Which must mean he's about to collapse of exhaustion or something.