Chris Paul decided to leave the Los Angeles Clippers during the offseason, but former head coach Doc Rivers isn’t happy the point guard hasn’t stopped talking about it. In a clip ESPN released for a three-part documentary series about Paul’s decision to join the Houston Rockets, the nine-time All-Star criticized the culture of the Clippers. “A lot of people see the wins and losses, but it’s the culture of our team. If you ain’t trying to contend with the Warriors, then what are we doing? You know what I mean? The Warriors haven’t lost in the playoffs. Like, if you not trying to contend with them, then what are you doing?” Rivers, according to Elliott Teaford of Southern California News Group, had pointed criticism for Paul and defended his team. “Listen, when you leave, you should just leave, honestly. I don’t think you have to try to burn the house down or justify why you left. That’s what I would say to it. I like our culture.” Rivers added that he believes players looking elsewhere affects the culture. “If you’re thinking about being out,” he said, “then you’re probably out. I thought that manifested itself last year.” From our perspective, it’s easy to understand both sides. Paul is justifying why he left, sure, but players are starting to provide more access about their decisions. Fans are connecting more to these stars while having a glimpse of their personal lives, and this documentary will provide answers to several questions about his departure for Houston .