Doc Rivers' first day with the Clipperswas officially Wednesday as he was introduced and held a formal press conference. But he doesn't have much time for handshakes and introductions. With the draft on Thursday and free agency a few days after that, he has to get to work as coach and vice president of basketball operations. Priority No. 1, he said: Making sure Chris Paul is back. "Yeah, that's been good," Rivers said on the Doug Gottlieb Show when asked if he's talked with Paul yet. "I'm looking forward to it. Obviously we've got to make sure he signs here." One would have to assume that there's absolutely no way Rivers leaves the comfort of Boston for the Clippers unless he had an assurance that Paul was re-signing. Still, it has to be done. The transition for Rivers from the Celtics to the Clippers was a bit of a whirlwind, with negotiations extending out nearly 10 days. The talks intially included Kevin Garnett and DeAndre Jordan. But after the league stepped in with pesky rules, it was reduced to a 2015 first-round pick in exchange for the coach. It wasn't just the Clippers' thing for Rivers, though. The 51-year-old coach was considering other options as well, like retirement. But Rivers said he actually had decided on Sunday -- which is the day he was "traded" -- that he wasn't going to retire and would return to the Celtics. "I think what drove it a little bit was my indecision of whether or not I was going to coach or not. I've gone through that the last two or three years," Rivers said. "Danny [Ainge] and I started talking about other situations, and Danny brought up this and I thought it was something he should look into if he thought it was good for him."