The Celtics’ triple-overtime win over Denver on Feb. 10 may seem like a long time ago, but it hasn’t felt that way for Kevin Garnett. The Celtics center, who has recently suffered from fatigue, sat out last night’s game against Phoenix. Doc Rivers admitted that he contemplated giving Garnett a break Wednesday night against the Lakers. “I think it’s related to (the triple-overtime game),” said the Celtics coach. “Since that game you can see he’s been tired. I was telling our coaches after (last Tuesday’s) Denver game that it would be sacrilegious to not play KG in the Lakers game, but it was a thought. Then you sit there kicking yourself thinking that should have been the night because it was a back-to-back. “Kevin was fine with it, which told me that we should have done it sooner,” said Rivers. “It’s the right thing. He didn’t put up a fight at all, which told me we were probably a game late with it.” Rivers added that he will also monitor the minutes of Jason Terry. Paul Pierce’s minutes didn’t concern him as much. “I don’t know what he has inside of him, but Paul just plays basketball,” said Rivers. “JET I actually watch a lot, too. He’s the other guy who you have to be real careful with minutes in a row. It’s all visual for me with those guys. Kevin we may sit one or two more times before playoffs.”