The 2020-21 Philadelphia 76ers roster seemed to be the best version of the team so far, as it’s comprised of two stars, talented role players, and veterans with championship experience. Despite that, the Sixers fell in the NBA playoffs at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks—the weaker team on paper.

The latest defeat marks the Sixers’ third second-round exit out of four playoff campaigns during the Joel Embiid-Ben Simmons era. With that said, this might be the time to make a change and choose between Embiid and Simmons since it doesn’t look like they actually mesh together.

Do the Sixers trade Simmons or Embiid?

The answer is obvious. Simmons needs to go. You don’t need to be a basketball expert to conclude that the Australian playmaker’s stubbornness not to work on his offense is the primary reason for his team’s failures.

Though we’ve answered the question and the reasons are clear, let’s still take time to discuss what the numbers show about Simmons. And despite him being a liability on offense, the Sixers can still salvage a trade package and continue their quest for the title.


Trade Ben Simmons

Some people must be confused and disappointed at the same time upon realizing that Simmons was not on the floor in the final minutes of Game 7. After all, Simmons is their second-best player, and like any other star, he should’ve been there when his team needed him the most.

However, Sixers diehards know why Simmons wasn’t there: he cannot score.

For the entire series, Simmons averaged just 6.4 field goal attempts per game. For comparison, franchise players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are taking around 20 shots per game in the playoffs in their career. Even when Leonard’s role was the primary stopper for the San Antonio Spurs, he averaged 10 shots per game in the postseason.