A few days ago, Buster Olney came out with his top 10 lineups list as we get closer and closer to baseball season. Does he have a point? Are the Angels the best lineup in the game today? The Angels really have everything you could want in a lineup. Power, speed, contact hitters, three potential MVP candidates and another guy who can hit 30 bombs by himself in Mark Trumbo. The only thing you can really question with it is the balance, because Josh Hamilton is the only left-handed power threat. To me, lineup wise, the only other team in the AL that can compete is the Detroit Tigers. They have two MVP candidates in their own right, speed in Austin Jackson at the top and Victor Martinez returning to be their DH. The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers do not have the lineups they once had. The other team that you could put on the list is Toronto, and they have health questions of their own.