The Calgary Flames have 12 games remaining in their 2020-21 season. They’re six points behind the Montreal Canadiens, who have two games in hand and occupy the fourth and final North Division playoff spot.

Do the Flames have a shot at making the playoffs? Well, yeah, but that door is quickly closing.

A quick rundown

The Flames have 12 games left.

Edmonton (x2), Montreal (x3), Ottawa (x2), Vancouver (x2), Winnipeg (x1)

The Canadiens have 14 games left.

Calgary (x3), Edmonton (x4), Ottawa (x2), Toronto (x4), Winnipeg (x1)

The Flames’ tragic number is 9.5 – any combination of 9.5 Flames losses or Canadiens wins eliminate the Flames from playoff contention. (Overtime losses count as 0.5 losses for Calgary and 0.5 wins for Montreal.)