Ever since Atlanta's acquisition of Justin Upton, the entire baseball world has been abuzz over the Braves' young, athletic outfield. Many national writers have bandied around the idea that a second Upton gives Atlanta the best outfield in the majors. But who else could possibly challenge the Braves for that title? We'll start by looking at 4 other suitors for the title of "Baseball's Best Outfield" followed by various offensive and defensive statistics that can help shed light on who actually has baseball's best outfield going in to the 2013 season. The Contenders The Atlanta Braves - By now we're all quite familiar with the Braves' 2013 outfield, and it should be a force this year and for years down the road. With Justin Upton in left, B.J. Upton manning center, and Jason Heyward holding down right for his fourth year in a row, the Braves bring youth (Justin is 25, B.J. is 28, and Heyward is 23), speed, excellent defense, and prodigious power to all three outfield spots. And while B.J.'s ceiling is probably not too much higher than he's already shown, Justin and Jason both have MVP-caliber upside, so the sky's really the limit for the Atlanta trio.