The Cleveland Browns have a completely new group of coaches in the building. There are many questions about how Rob Chudzinski, Norv Turner and Ray Horton are going to develop and train the team in their new scheme and approach: what exactly does "big guys that can run and little guys that can hit" look like? How much will the offense really attack? Will Brandon Weeden be the starting QB? Who will be the competitor? Where will we focus in the NFL Draft? Enough questions already, how about some philosophy? NFL Philosophy. There's a former NFL Operations Coordinator who I follow on Twitter who is constantly active sharing tons of great insight, takes, and information. He tweeted a lot today about how strongly he feels coaching and production trump talent. This is interesting because in contrast to the last two years (excluding Dick Jauron) I think we currently have a great group of teachers in the building who can adapt to coach our young talent. That's one of the main reason's why I am supporting keeping Weeden and addressing other areas in the draft and free agency. I believe the current coaching staff can actually make our players better.