The last time Buffalo's defensive line coach was lining up on Sundays in the NFL he was doing so alongside the best pass rusher on Buffalo's roster. Anthony Weaver spent the last three seasons of his NFL career in Houston with the Texans where he was a teammate and linemate of Mario Williams. Fast forward five years and Weaver will now be in charge of coaching him. One might assume that the dynamic of the relationship would need to change considerably, but Weaver isn't concerned about the new coach-player relationship with his former teammate. "I don't think it'll be strange at all," Weaver told "I think our relationship having played together won't change much at all. I think it'll be a huge plus for us. We pushed each other as players and I think the great thing about me and him is we always an open, honest communication. I think any relationship, player-coach, coach-to-coach, it can be nothing but a positive." Weaver doesn't deny that his role with Williams will be different as his position coach now. "For sure, but at the same time we're pulling the same rope the same way and I know Mario. I know what makes him tick. I know his work ethic," Weaver said. "I know how tough he is and I know he wants to be great and not just for his own legacy, but for his teammates, for his coaches, for this city and I'm here to help make sure he realizes all of that."