It is hard to know what Chip Kelly thinks about his public reputation. He has done so little to cultivate the media that we are a fallow field at this point. We have become so used to the game and its accepted rules - coach comes in; coach whispers an occasional sweet nothing into a couple of ears; coach buys some degree of favor in anticipation of the next whisper, and on and on - that we do not know what to do. The nerve of the guy. So when DeSean Jackson happens, we flail away. To squander an asset for no valid reason is stupid - and Chip Kelly might be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. So you search for the answer. In the absence of more information, the gang stuff seems thin, at this point. If yelling at an assistant coach was a firing offense, the Pro Football Hall of Fame would be half its current size. If being a diva was a firing offense, nobody in the league would run three-wide receiver sets anymore because no roster would contain more than two. And besides - in regard to Jackson, none of this stuff is new. The more you think about it, the more you have to believe Kelly concluded that the offense can do at least as well without Jackson for a lot less money - that a bigger receiver whom he drafts might not be able to match Jackson's speed but will make up for it against elite press coverage and in the red zone.