When news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving demanded a trade in July, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire NBA. But maybe more than anything else, it gave hope to the other teams in the Eastern Conference. Orlando Magic guard D.J. Augustin was in New Orleans on Wednesday to host his annual three-day basketball camp and he said the news of Irving's demand was "shocking". But Augustin has spent nine years in the NBA and he knows that discontent behind the scenes is just a part of being in the league. "It's kind of shocking," Augustin said. "When I first saw the Kyrie thing thing I was shocked. I didn't know that was going on behind the scenes. But just being in the NBA, I know what happens behind the scenes. It's a lot of stuff that the fans don't see, it's a lot of drama. "I'm shocked just like the rest of the world. Hopefully, they work it out." Augustin has played with eight different teams, but he's spent most of his nine-year career working to overcome LeBron James in the Eastern Conference. James-led teams have won the East each of the past seven seasons.