They may not love each other anymore, but Donald and Beverly McLeod certainly adore their hometown Edmonton Oilers. How much? Enough to face off in divorce court over custody of their two season tickets. And if that scenario isn’t Canadian enough for you, the judge’s written ruling certainly is: a mix of compromise, common sense—and an NHL-style draft to divvy up their coveted seats. "The parties shall share equally," wrote Justice Ritu Khullar, of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench. "Including playoff games, if applicable." With megastar Connor McDavid at the heart of a surging Oilers squad, the now-estranged couple could very well end up with Stanley Cup tickets next spring—though not for the same games, of course. Those seats, too, would be evenly divided, as per the judge’s Sept. 27 order. Watching hockey wasn’t always so complicated for the McLeods. The husband-and-wife fans had been regular ?xtures at Oilers games over the past decade-plus (although the team itself wasn’t much to watch, mired down near the bottom of the Western Conference during all those pre-McDavid seasons). When they didn’t attend games together, Donald and Beverly happily shared their pair of seats, mostly with friends and relatives, and sometimes with Donald’s business clients. To borrow the judge’s words: "Ms. McLeod loves going to the games. The tickets were an asset used for family enjoyment."