Kevin Durant stepped up on the podium after the game and acted like a man who owned the stage. "Want to get a picture of our clothes?" he asked, making fun of those who keep talking about today's NBA postgame fashion. For the record: Durant wore a stylish gray T-shirt and light pink pants. Then he grabbed the microphone the way he grabbed the basketball in the fourth quarter Saturday night. He was composed, and he made sense, and he acted like someone coming into his own at the age of 23. Beware, San Antonio. Durant can do this on the road, too. The Spurs' coaching staff feared all of this before the Western Conference finals began. It's an NBA bromide that the best teams usually have the best player. And it's clear in this series that is Durant, the three-time scoring champ, the runner-up in the MVP voting, the star who already has three game-winning shots this postseason.