In every nasty storm – and they don't get much scarier than what the Mavericks are going through right now – there can be found some good news. Dirk Nowitzki provided a shred of uplifting information after the Mavericks' 99-93 loss to the Clippers Wednesday night. He was asked about the state of his arthroscopically repaired knee and said: "Good. Unfortunately, the timing of the surgery was bad because it was right before the season, but I'm glad I did it now. I've been playing 30 minutes a game now and the knee has been great with that. "So I'm looking forward to getting in even better game shape. You can't sit out two months and expect to walk in there and play well. But the knee feels great." Nowitzki is moving like he's feeling good and the efficiency is starting to return to his game. The guess here is that a few victories would make his body feel even better.