In the last 24 hours, I've had a handful of people text me that they are worried about Dirk Nowitzki's rehab. I was a little surprised till I saw all the stories. Folks, there's nothing wrong with our big, efficient German. He's just going through the norms of a routine knee surgery. Unfortunately people have read headlines such as "Dirk Nowitzki not recovering quickly" and "Dirk Nowitzki says rehab is taking longer than he hoped" and have immediately thought the worst. Taking time to look at what Dirk actually said, you realize there haven't been any setbacks. Dirk is simply mad that he's not a super-human cyborg like we all think of him to be and wanted to be back on the court after two weeks: "Gotta admit, I'm already getting tired of rehab," Nowitzki said on Fox Sports Southwest's telecast, during the second quarter of tonight's game against Minnesota. "It's been three weeks. Obviously, that's a lot of time for me watching.