I really think it's still 50-50. Obviously, I've been in touch with him a little bit and we've played in numerous All-Star Games together so I know him and we've got a little bit of a relationship. I just don't know. I think both organizations are great and both owners have money and the resources to really build something. Cuban has shown it here. It's tough, but I don't really think we need to recruit him or anything. He knows what he's got here. There's a great owner and great fans, so it's just a matter of does he want to come home and be close to home, or would he rather make the move to New York. There's probably more endorsement deals and stuff like that if that's on his mind, that's definitely better in New York. We'll see what happens. It'll definitely be a great week and an exciting week to be a Mavs fan. I'm as excited as everybody else.