Face of the franchise Dirk Nowitzki disagrees with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's publicly stated opinion that losing is the team's best option for the remainder of the season. "You don't really want a culture here that's just giving up and quitting and not playing hard," Nowitzki said after Monday's 109-103 win over the Indiana Pacers. "I think it just sets the wrong tone for the future. "I think it's important for our young guys to learn how to compete and to compete all the time, play hard. You play your minutes hard. That's the only way to get better. That's the only way to play in this league, and whatever happens after the season, we'll just go from there. But for now, you play your minutes hard and you play to win." The victory, which snapped the Mavs' four-game losing streak, was Dallas' first win since Cuban was fined $600,000 for public statements detrimental to the NBA after confessing on Julius Erving's podcast that the Mavs were "tanking." Mavs coach Rick Carlisle had committed before the All-Star break to prioritize "player development" -- often used as a politically correct term for tanking -- by playing young, unproven players in crunchtime situations. On the heels of Cuban's comments, Carlisle has reversed course, playing his regulars down the stretch of Saturday's 97-90 loss to the Utah Jazz and Monday's win over the Pacers. "I felt it was a game that we had to get," Carlisle said.