It’s impossible to guarantee any player a ring. Finals series’ are brutal. Games can be unexpected. Even the safest pick can sometimes surprise you. Simply put: You can never know for sure who is going to win. Unless it’s Dion Waiters in 2020.

Waiters will be getting an NBA Championship ring, regardless of who actually wins the series. Circumstance has brought him to this moment, and it’s the best scenario for a player. Waiters signed a contract with the Lakers on March 6 and has been with the team in the bubble. He started the season with (you guessed it) the Miami Heat.

So, in the eyes of the league he was a part of both the Heat and Lakers this season, thereby guaranteeing him a ring no matter what. There’s also a chance he could get double-paid as well. Every NBA player who is a part of the playoffs earns a portion of a stipend pool set aside as a reward for making the postseason. Part of this money is set aside for ancillary team staff, and players who are no longer with the team. The idea being that integral people to a team’s success could still be rewarded, even if business shipped them somewhere else.