As the entire league fixates around Indianapolis, the Falcons are surely keeping their eyes on a few positions in particular at the 2013 NFL Combine to eventually address come April. With Tony Gonzalez possibly walking away from football this offseason, tight end is a top priority for the franchise. Thomas Dimitroff spoke with Kimberly Jones of NFL Network on Saturday to discuss his outlook on the position for the Falcons in 2013. While Gonzalez is still on the fence, Dimitroff knows a new tight end will be needed sometime soon. "The 50-50 comments that I made, I would like to say that was probably tongue-in-cheek. It's wishful thinking. Hopefully he comes back," said Dimitroff. "Ideally we'd like to know as soon as possible. But we definitely will be concentrating on tight ends. It's a very important position in this league now, so rest assured we'll be honing in on that position."