No matter what happens this season with the 76ers, Andrew Bynum will always be in the middle of things. That even goes for the seemingly minor trade-deadline deal the Sixers made with the Golden State Warriors on Thursday afternoon to acquire 6-foot-3 guard Charles Jenkins. If Bynum had been well enough to play in games through the first 52 of the season, maybe then the Sixers would have pulled the trigger on a larger deal this season. Or then again, maybe not. The Sixers have a decision to make on Bynum this summer, and Bynum has a decision to make on the Sixers. It simply isn’t a matter of the Sixers making the best offer to the game-changing center. “We have Plan A and I think everyone knows what A stands for. And we have Plan B and we don’t know,” general manager Tony DiLeo said on Friday morning at the Sixers’ workout site at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. “If and when we get our complete team on the floor, then we can get some answers. We want to evaluate all of our players and in the summer make some decisions. We have some flexibility, we have a lot of free agents, we have a lot of good, young players and an All-Star point guard that we can build around. We have a lot of options and a lot of different ways we can go this summer.” Even then, the decision won’t be an easy one. Bynum has not undergone surgery and has missed every game this season. He hasn’t even been involved in a proper practice yet. So when DiLeo and the basketball operations staff gets together to make decisions, the medical staff is going to be involved, too.