Adrian Gonzalez is having a tremendous first season with the Red Sox. But should it be even better? The first baseman went 2 for 4 in last last night's 6-4 win over the Mariners to raise his average to .350, the highest mark in the majors. He is second with 92 RBIs and sixth with an on-base percentage of .411. But Gonzalez has 18 home runs, fewer than what was expected with the switch from expansive Petco Park in San Diego to cozy Fenway Park. Of those 18 home runs, just eight have come at home. Gonzalez has hit one home run in his last 29 games and three in his previous 192 at-bats. "I didn't even know that,'' said Gonzalez before last night's game. "That's not something I really look at. I look at my slugging percentage and that's normal. If my slugging percentage is good, I'm happy.'' True enough. Gonzalez has a .553 slugging percentage, well above his career mark of .507 coming into this season. "If I hit the ball well, right on the barrel, it's going to go out,'' Gonzalez said. "If not, if I get a single or a double, it doesn't bother me. If I go up there trying to hit the ball out, I'm going to make an out.'' Gonzalez never bought into the theory that Fenway would be a home run park for him because of his opposite-field power. In his mind, the wall may cost him as many home runs as it will give him.