With his muscles and speed and tattoos, Colin Kaepernick has plenty of sizzle to go with his steak. Joe Flacco, meanwhile, has about all the personality of bread pudding. That's not a slight. He admits it. "I don't know if I would say I'm dull, but I'm probably close to it," the Ravens' fifth-year quarterback said recently. "[Even] my dad was quoted as calling me that," Flacco said. "I think the bottom line is I think he takes it as a compliment because I believe that it probably means I'm going out there and carrying myself in a good manner and not giving anybody a reason to maybe like me or dislike me." Making a difference While Flacco and Kaepernick might come in different packages, they're similar in a critical way: Each has made the difference for their respective teams this postseason. Flacco has thrown eight touchdown passes without a pick in the playoffs. Kaepernick has accounted for 73 percent of his team's total offense. But the raw numbers don't do their impact service.