A year after Didier Drogba rejected a proposed $10 million annual salary from MLS – a windfall that would’ve been by far the richest in the league’s history – the star striker now is interested in coming stateside. But if he does, it won’t be to New York. The Red Bulls had put in a discovery claim on Drogba last year, along with one on Kaka. But while a source within MLS confirmed that there is still right now considerable interest in bringing the 35-year-old Ivorian forward to the league, the Red Bulls “are not involved in this proposed deal” and Drogba is “not on their radar.’’ It’s unclear which team is on Drogba’s radar, but one seemingly is. And the Galatasaray forward seems to have had at least passing interest in MLS for awhile. Last season, Drogba - Chelsea's 2011-12 UEFA Champions League hero, and a two-time African Footballer of the Year - turned down a huge offer from MLS that would’ve far surpassed the record $6.5 million earned by L.A. Galaxy icon David Beckham or the $5.6 million Red Bull captain Thierry Henry made last year. “We offered Didier Drogba, the great Chelsea player, over $10 million a year to play. It would have been the largest salary we ever had in Major League Soccer, and he signed (with Shanghai) for €18 million ($22.7 million) net,” MLS commissioner Don Garber had said last September at the Bloomberg Sports Business Summit here in New York.