The Tennessee Titans went into the 2012 draft knowing that they needed at least a little help in the secondary. With the 115th pick of the draft in the 4th round, they chose CB Coty Sensabaugh out of Clemson. Considered a late bloomer, Coty entered college as a special teams player but left Clemson as a team captain and leader of the defense. Sensabaugh also set a team record for most plays played in one season with 993. Sensabaugh entered the 2012 draft combine and ran the 4th fastest time amongst cornerubacks with a 4.42. Being a 4th round draft choice, it usually takes that player quite a bit longer to be able to contribute and with Sensabaugh, it was the same. Although he didn't play that much early in the season, Sensabaugh did end up playing more as the season wore on. With the Titans finishing 6-10, I'm sure some of his playing time was used so coaches could see how he was progressing this year. In the last four games of the season, Coty had 3 tackles in each game. The most tackles he had in one game this year was against the Chicago Bears when he had 4 tackles. Sensabaugh seemed to fit in on defense and didn't make too many noticeable mistakes while playing.