Today's column sticks in the theoretical area of sports and history. We all heard the big news yesterday regarding several big-time MLB players connected to PED's. Headlining that story were the names Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees and Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals. Gonzalez is superfluous to this discussion as he's in the National League. (Furthermore, he didn't pitch against the Baltimore Orioles in any of the clubs' two interleague series'.) However Rodriguez of course plays for one of the Orioles' archrivals. We already knew that he had used performance enhancing drugs in the past; we just didn't know that it had continued into the present. The fact is that the Orioles contended for the AL East pennant until the final day against New York, and fell short of the Yankees by two games. For a few days, there was even a chance that the teams would have to play a "regular season game 163" at Camden Yards on the day prior to the AL Wild Card game. So here's my point; if in fact Rodriguez was using PED's during the 2012 campaign, couldn't it be argued that the Orioles were the ones most negatively affected? I'm not naïve; I recognize that there can be no asterisk by the records or anything along those lines. The fact is that Alex Rodriguez did not directly contribute to any walk off plays for New York against the Orioles last year. However could you not argue that he was at the very least good for two or three wins at some point throughout the 2012 season? Any player that is on a big league roster should at the bare minimum be able to say that they've contributed to a win here or there. I'm not talking about walk off plays per se, I'm talking about saving a key run with the glove, contributing a key base hit, etc. Alex Rodriguez did that for the New York Yankees in 2012 for sure. So what I'm suggesting is that had Rodriguez been caught with PED's in his system as he allegedly could have been, he would not have been able to play. All other things being equal, is there not a chance that the Orioles either tie with the Yankees (meaning the two teams would have played "game 163," or beaten them outright in the standings?