Q: In retrospect, it would have been better if Udonis Haslem had gotten ejected Tuesday rather than miss Game 6. The reason being that the Heat could have won Game 5 at home without Haslem. In Indianapolis, with the Pacers now fired up, the loss of Haslem is crushing. -- Moshe. A: Good point. If the referees called it the right way, it would have been over. They botched just about every one of the calls (actually the league confirmed that by upgrading all the flagrant fouls from Flagrant 1 to Flagrant 2, that the referees did botch each call). You're right, Haslem gets ejected, it ends there. It's interesting how the league is so public with player sanctions, but we may never hear about any referee sanctions. Of course, we may also never see the members of that crew again this postseason.