Is there getting to be too much math in sports, with salary-cap regulations, sabermetrics, things like that? Yes, there is. So it's nice that Britain's the Guardian did the work for us with an interesting interactive football chart at (and it's our kind of football, not theirs). Basically, it looks at all 32 NFL teams' payrolls last season and breaks them down by how much they spent on offense, defense and special teams. (If a guy was listed at a regular position and played special teams, it put him where his primary job was.) Not surprisingly, it found the Lions spent the most on offense: $66.6 million, which ranked fourth in the NFL behind Tampa Bay, Tennessee and Atlanta. But what might be surprising is it said the Lions' total payroll was $128.7 million (including bonuses), the highest in the NFL and just ahead of Denver ($128.1 million) and San Francisco ($127.4 million).