The 2012 (or is it considered 2013?) Playoffs have given us a unique situation that lets us compare a rookie QB against two of the greatest to ever play the game, all against the same Defense. With the Ravens beating the Colts, Broncos, and Patriots on their way to Super Bowl XLVII, we as Colts fans get to see how Andrew Luck fared against the same defense that went up against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. And boy were the results interesting... First, a little disclaimer: While this will be a fun exercise in comparing a single game between the three Offenses (I can't get player specific, but we know how important the QB is on all 3 teams), no one should read more into this than it being a single game. Looking at just Playoff games in general is bad practice, so looking at a single Playoff game is not going to win many arguments as to the merits of these three players. It does, however, give us a gauge as to where Luck is in comparison to these other two guys.