Here's the thing about incredible endings: No question, they're the best games to write about. But when they happen on deadline, they're also the stories that must be written the fastest. So it wasn't just Bruce Bochy's last nerve that was frayed as the Giants won both games in the ninth inning here at Dodger Stadium. I'm ready for a tasty beverage, too. There's really no clearer way to describe Nate Schierholtz's catch: It's the ballgame, right there. If it eludes his diving attempt, with three runners in motion, the Dodgers win a 4-3 walkoff. Instead, it ended up in his glove mere inches above the turf, and the Giants won 3-1. It's the difference between sweeping or splitting a two-game series with your archrival. It's the difference between a hard-fought 3-3 trip or a disappointing 2-4 trip. It's the difference between Madison Bumgarner celebrating a victory or having to think for five days about being winless in nine games since his Halloween night start in Game 4 of the World Series. It was one of the best endings I've ever seen in a regular-season game. If you haven't seen the catch, go to and find the video highlight. Really. Open a new tab and do it now. We'll still be here for you. All the quotes and descriptions are in the write-through game story, which I'm including at the bottom of this file because for some reason, it hasn't replaced the early version on the Web site. Make sure to check that out for Aubrey Huff's thoughts on the catch (no chalk outline necessary this time), and for Bruce Bochy's gamble to play the outfielders extra shallow. He wanted to be aggressive and go for the win, plain and simple. It's what Bochy always does on the road. There's also a tidbit down toward the bottom of the game story about a taxi ride that Bochy and Bumgarner took together to the ballpark Wednesday, and how their conversation contributed to perhaps his best major league start. The kid was an out away from his first career complete game, and a shutout to boot. He'll get it someday.