His knee has been stretched, bent and torqued. And yes, Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero smiled each time. Montero's right knee, which suffered an injury early last season and limited him to just 85 games in 2010, is just fine, thanks. He has been looking forward to feeling this good for a long time. Montero, a five-year veteran, has played more than 85 games just once in his career (2009) and this may be the season he does it again. "Yeah, hopefully; I'm feeling pretty good. I got no limitations," Montero said. "Hopefully it stays that way the whole year. Unfortunately (last season), I was feeling pretty good until I got the injury. But this year I feel even better. This is the year to go for it, to catch a lot of games." And hit in a lot of games. Montero has been one of the hotter hitters on the team - to the tune of 12 hits, two home runs and four RBIs in the first six games of the season. At Chase Field on Saturday against the Cincinnati Reds, Montero extended his hitting streak - he's hit in every game so far this season - with a single to center field in the fourth. He even threw out a runner at second base to end the top of the fifth. Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson said he's aware Montero is off to a great start and he wants to preserve that. "But somewhere along the line, he's going to have to sit," Gibson said. "It's a long season. I believe in recovery days and Henry Blanco is a very established catcher and he needs to play as well. He's a part of the team so he's going to need to get in there soon." Montero said: "Regardless, I'm going to get a day off at some point. I don't mind it. Obviously, I want to keep playing, but the body needs a little rest and the manager will find out what's best (for me)."