The projection systems appear to give Corbin the best numbers for the upcoming season, and an improvement over the 2012 numbers seems fairly likely. He was somewhat unlucky, with a BABIP of .319 compared to league average of .297, though a higher than usual line-drive percentage may be part of the reason for that. It was good to see a walk-rate from Corbin of only 5.5%, below the mean (8.0%), even in his first major-league stint, though his strikeout rate of 7.2 per nine innings was also lower than the figure of 9.5 put up in Triple-A. We are talking about small sample sizes for both, however. Corbin is mostly a fastball, change-up, slider guy - the last-named was what he considered his best pitch coming out of college, but he has also been developing a knuckle curve, which he broke out more frequently during his 27.1 inning scoreless streak in 2011. A left-hander like Skaggs, either of them would give Arizona a second left-hander in the rotation alongside Wade Miley: they'd likely be split up, even if they are nominally the #4 and #5 starters. The experience Corbin obtained last year, even if the results were a little uneven, should stand him in good stead for the 2013 campaign.