The price tag for closer Fernando Rodney’s services has climbed as the year has progressed. The Diamondbacks are happy to be paying it. When the Diamondbacks signed him in December, they guaranteed him a $2.75 million base salary with the chance to earn up to $6.75 million if he met various games finished/appearance thresholds. As it stands, Rodney is in line to earn $4 million this year, but if he appears in one more game to reach the 60-appearance mark, he’ll earn an addition $250,000. “When we sat back in the offseason and we were looking at the ability to build in some structure to the back of our bullpen, with experience, to push everyone forward, we approached him and structured the deal in a way that we felt like we would pay him more if we leaned on him in a good season,” General Manager Mike Hazen said. “That’s exactly what’s happened. That’s how we hoped it would go. If it didn’t happen otherwise, we were sort of more protected.”